Annual Star Fest

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TUG uses every opportunity to create awareness among younsters and  people in astronomy and space sciences. 

“Star fest” is held at an altitude of 2000 m in a region known as Saklikent nearby Observatory. TUG hosts visitors for a three days period, and they are expected to sleep in tents outside under the clear sky. Due to the accomadation limitations, restricted number of partipants can be accepted to the festival site. The official number of participants is around 350-400, while it increases to 1000 with daily visitors.  This activity has been going on for 20 years, and trend is that interest is in an ever increasing manner.

During the three days period, participants are entertained with some relevant activities such as conferences, short presentations, astronomical experiments, music, drawings and paintings especially for children. During night time, specialists guide attendees to watch the sky with telescopes and they give information about celestial objects that are available to see.


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