TUBITAK National Observatory (TUG) is located at an altitude of 2500 m, on the top of Bakirlitepe mountain in Saklikent region of the city of Antalya which is located on the Mediterranian coast of Türkiye. It resides in a longitudinally important region, because there is no other active observatory along and around this longitude on which TUG is located. Besides it fills a significant gap, on the map from far east to the west of Europe. It deserves to point out that the Observatory site is exceptionally good in terms of climatic conditions.


Antalya Administration Building:

Latitude:  36º 54' 00" N  (36.9)
Longitude:  30º 39' 13" E  (30.653611)
Elevation:  50 m.


Observatory (Bakirlitepe) Site:

Latitude:  36º 49' 27" N  (36.824166)
Longitude:  30º 20' 08" E  (30.335555)
Elevation:  2500 m.

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