Applications for LOYP 2018 are now closed.  

Applications for 2019 have not yet started.

Thank you for your interest.


Dear students,


If you think that staying at the TÜBİTAK National Observatory for a whole week and participating in workshops would be a reward for you during intensive course / examination periods, we are pleased to welcome you to the TUG for a week. We have been regularly applying the Summer Program for Undergraduate Students (LOYP) since 2008 to appreciate our successful students in the field of Astronomy and Space Science, and to recognize and encourage those who may begin to work as colleagues in the future and to live in an observatory environment. Consultants from the astronomy departments of the universities will also be with you to support the LOYP. The LOYP program is held for six days (Monday: Departure, Saturday: Return) in Bakırlıtepe site. Participants will travel to Bakırlıtepe after a short meeting of information and introduction at TUG's Administration Building in Akdeniz University Campus. The third and fourth grade students of the departments that have education or research programs in Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Science and Technology of our universities can participate in weekly sessions. For each semester, up to four students will be selected and admitted after they have been ranked according to their grade of achievement in their courses.




  • Candidates are expected to have taken at least one course about Astronomy / Space Sciences and Technologies.

  • Candidates are also required not to have any medical conditions that could prevent them being at high altitudes. (2500 m)


Accepted students must arrive at the TUG Administration Building located in Akdeniz University Campus until 09:00 on Monday, the first day of their program at Bakırlıtepe. In order to get to the university campus from the airport, there are buses numbered “600” and also“Havaş” shuttles, terminal buses departing from the Antalya Bus Terminal and the city shuttles of travel companies. Students can easily access the TUG Administration Building by buses within the Mediterranean University Campus. The program in Bakırlıtepe ends on Saturday, the day of return to Antalya.

Travel expenses of the participants to Antalya, transportation between Antalya and Bakırlıtepe, accommodation and food needs at the observatory will be provided by TUG. Travel expenses will be paid on a standard bus company fee taking into account the route of XXX University - Antalya - XXX University. Participants who wish to travel by plane will also be paid as if they had traveled by bus, and the participant will have to pay the possible difference between the prices. In order to pay travel expenses, the participant must have a bank account on his / her behalf, know the IBAN number, fill out the “Passing Notification Form” that can be obtained from the TUG website, and attach travel tickets to this form before returning it to the accounting unit.

Due to the highly variable weather and field conditions in the TUG campus, it is recommended that you have suitable clothing such as shoes, sweaters, coats and berets with you. Besides this, it is also recommended to use sunscreens and wear sunglasses, hats and long-sleeved light clothes because of the intense ultraviolet radiation in the daytime outdoors. Please do not forget to take along your medications that you regularly use.



For the LOYP program, you have to prepare your passport photo, CV, transcript, all in digital form, and complete your preliminary application online at the "Click to apply to the LOYP Program" link at the end of the page. 

LOYP applications will be received through the “LOYP Application System” and none of applications will be accepted, by any method, after this date. 

After the evaluation, “LOYP Acceptance Form” will be sent to your "e-mail" address that you notified during the application and the final results will be announced on this page.


To Apply LOYP program please contact us:

Murat PARMAKSIZOĞLU: murat.parmaksizoglu@tubitak.gov.tr




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