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Summer Program for successful undergraduate students (LOYP) has been regularly opened since 2008. Students stay for a week and attend observations at Bakirlitepe site of TUBITAK National Observatory.  Travel expenses and accommodation are supported by TUG. Third and fourth year university students from departments of Astronomy and Space Sciences and Space Sciences & Technologies can participate the program in weekly periods. There are 6 periods in a season, and 4 students are accepted in each one periods.


  • Candidates must have taken at least one course in astronomy and space sciences.
  • Candidates must have health report stating that he/she can endure the conditions at high altitudes (2500 m).


To Apply LOYP program please contact us:

Gizem OKUYAN: gizem.kahya@tubitak.gov.tr

Ferhat Fikri ÖZEREN: ferhat.ozeren@tubitak.gov.tr