BITOM - Science and Community Center

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There is a TUG Science and Community Center (BITOM) situated next to the administration building in Antalya at the sea level. Activities at this center go on throughout the year, and service is given to school children, teachers and public in general. It is occured two days in every week, and it goes on as long as demand continues. During the day time the sun and solar activities are observed, and during night time basically planets, moon and other astronomical objects and events observed. The number of visitors in these activities may reach to about 3000 in a year.




 BITOM Building                                               Telescope Room


                                                  BITOM T35 telescope           Telescope Control and Demonstration Room                              


     Orion (M42) Nebula                                          Andromeda (M31)



                                             Lulin Comet                                                           Moon                                              


  Moon, Venus and Jupiter                                Yuri Night Activity 


Solar Observation with T35 telescope            Students at the Yuri Night Activity


                   College students                         Students at the Yuri Night Activity


    Kindergardens Children                                     Solar Chromosphere


 Moon, Jupiter and Mercur                            Mass ejection from Sun


A large prominence at the Sun                                   Solar projection


Solar Observation in BİTOM                  Sun and students live on TV

Full Lunar Eclipse



TUG and 29 March 2006 Total Solar Eclipse (DVD, 25 Min, 488 MB)




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