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1.0-meter fully automatic T100 telescope was installed in 2009 at the south peak of the Bakirlitepe. The first light was taken in October, 2009. This telescope has the largest format CCD camera dedicated to wide-field imaging and high precision photometric observations.

T100 is currently operated remotely from TUG Administration Building in Antalya. This telescope is mainly used in multi-band photometric observations of exosolar planets, stars and asteroids as well as follow-up observations of GAIA or GRB alerts.


T100 Telescope

Optical design: Ritchey-Cretien

Main Mirror diameter: 1.000 mm

Focal length: 10.000 mm

Focal ratio: f/10

Field lens: 3-elements

Resolving power: 0.11 arcsec

Image scale: 21 arcsec/mm

Dome: Ash-Dome, MEBH, 6.86 m dia.


T100 CCD Camera

Model: SI 1100 Cryo, UV, AR, BI

Sensor type: Fairchild 486 BI

CCD Format: 4096 x 4096

Pixel size: 15 micron

Sensor area: 61.4 x 61.4 mm

Image Scale: 0.31 arcsec/pixel

Field of view: 21.5 x 21.5 arcmin

Filters: Bessel UBVRI, SDSS, Ha,Hb, SII, OII, CaII K and ND filters.

Readout noise: 4.11 e- (100 KHz, Ch:A)

Gain: 0.57 e-/ADU (100KHz, Ch:A)

Dark current: 0.0001  e-/pix/sec

Dynamic range: 16-bit (1 MHz)

Binning: 1x1 – 4x4

Cooling: Cryo-cooler, (-100 C)

Interface: Gigabit F/O PCI Controller Card


SI CCD Test Report

T100_ccd_report.pdf (6.3 MB)


Quantum Efficiency

Graphs of "Magnitude -  ADU" and "Magnitude -  SNR" 






The extinction coefficients which are obtained from the reducted datas of 18CT100-1396 observations (Prof. Dr. Tansel AK's project)  is below. Publications and other studies to be made using these values, should be thanked by giving reference to the project number 18CT100-1396 and its coordinator.

T100 Coefficients 2022 (PDF, 53 KB)



July 21, 2013

Reflection (mean): 64% before washing, 93% after washing
Surface Roughness (average): 248 Å before washing, 33 Å after washing

December 1, 2015

Reflection (mean): 66% before washing, 96% after washing
Surface Roughness (average): 276 Å before washing, 17 Å after washing

July 26, 2018

Reflection (mean): 71% before washing, 94% after washing
Surface Roughness (average): 190 Å before washing, 15 Å after washing


Last Update: 06.12.2022

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