You can reach the information and presentation files of the seminars given at TÜBİTAK National Observatory from the list below.


Title Date Speaker Location Documents
Ionospheric Seismology April 09, 2015 Prof. Dr. Shuanggen Jin -Shanghai Astronomical Observatory Department of Space and Planetary Research, China TUG Administration Building, Antalya 20150211_A_Kilcik.pdf
Examination of solar cycles February 11, 2015 Yrd. Doç. Dr. Ali Kılçık - Akdeniz University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Space Sciences and Technologies, Antalya TUG Administration Building, Antalya  
Yarkovsky and YORP effects in motion of asteroids October 17, 2012 A. Ivantsov -Research Institute "Nikolaev Astronomical Observatory", Ukrain TUG Administration Building, Antalya 20121017_A_Ivantsov.pdf
Observations of cataclysmic variable stars in TUG June 25, 2010 A. Rutkowski -Polish Academy of Science, Poland TUG Administration Building, Antalya 20100625_A_Rutkowski.pdf
Stars suspicious of bright active regions.  May 27, 2010 M. Zboril Astronomical Institute, Tatranska Lomnica, Slovakia TUG Administration Building, Antalya 20100527_M_Zboril.pdf
Counting the stellar barions in 9 galaxy clusters of different mass using SDSS optical survey.  January 15, 2010 A. Meshcheryakov - Rusya Bilimler Akademisi (IKI), Rusya TUG Administration Building, Antalya 20100115_A_Meshcheryakov.pdf
Estimation of orbital parameters of LMXB from observations of their aperiodic optical variability. December 11, 2009 A. Meshcheryakov -Rusya Bilimler Akademisi (IKI), Rusya TUG Administration Building, Antalya 20091211_A_Meshcheryakov.pdf
The Passing of the Age of Innocence or The History of Space Science November 18, 2009 Prof. Dr. Peter Willmore -University of Birmingham, İngiltere A.Ü.F.E.F, Fizik Bölümü, Antalya 20091118_P_Willmore.pdf
The capabilities of RTT150 instrumentation for fast photometry measurements November 10, 2009 Dr. Rodion Burenin - Russian Academy of Sciences (IKI), Russia TUG Administration Building, Antalya 220091110_R_Burenin.pdf
Aperiodic variability of accreting binaries in optical band: Its origin and usage for physics November 10, 2009 Dr. Mikhail Revnivtsev -Excellence Cluster Universe, TUM, Munih, Almanya.& Russian Academy of Sciences (IKI), Russia TUG Administration Building, Antalya 20091110_M_Revnivtsev.pdf
Washing & Coating of VLT Mirrors June 10, 2009
Paul Giordano 

Retired from European Southern Observatory (ESO)

TUG Administration Building, Antalya 20090610_P_Giordano.pdf

Kocaeli University, Laser Technologies Reserach & Application Center (LATARUM)

June 22, 2008 Prof. Dr. Arif DEMİR -Kocaeli University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Physics TUG Administration Building, Antalya 20080622_A_Demir_LATARUM.pdf

The Normal and Chemically Peculiar middle B through early F Stars: A New Point of View

May 7, 2008 Prof. Dr. Saul. J. ADELMAN - The Citadel, The Military College of South Caroline, Dept. of Physics, USA TUG Administration Building, Antalya 20080507_S_J_Adelman.pdf
Scientific programs carried out at RTT150 in frames of IKI observing time April 11, 2008

Dr. Rodion BURENIN - Rusya Bilimler Akademisi Uzay Araştırmaları Enstitüsü, (IKI), Rusya

TUG Administration Building, Antalya 20080411_R_Burenin_RTT150.pdf
SLOAN Digital Sky Scanning (SDSS) April 11, 2008

Yrd. Doç. Dr. Selçuk BİLİR-Istanbul University, Faculty of Science, Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences

TUG Administration Building, Antalya 20080411_s_bilir-sdss.pdf
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