The Last Total Lunar eclipse of the Moon

           The last lunar eclipse of the year occurred. The full lunar eclipse which could be observed from North and South America, Europe, Africa, Antarctica, East of Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and West of the Indian Ocean began at 03:00 am on 28th of September and it ended at 08:24 am. The full eclipse occurred at exactly 05:47 am.

           Firstly, upper part of the moon which was in the full moon phase began to get dark and crescent phase appeared. Then copper moon was observed on the clear sky until 06:30 am. Moon was at its closest approach to the earth at about 05:00 am.

           The last part of the eclipse could not be observed because of the sun rise and moon set. The occurrence of the eclipse when the moon at its closest approach to the earth will be remembered as one of the rare and exciting astronomical events. 

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