YT40 Telescope


YT40 TELESCOPE (2006-2008)


The T40 telescope was replaced by the Meade LX200GPS model in June 2006 with a telescope with a 40 cm span robotic features. "Ultra Wedge", which is provided by OPTEC and much more successful than Meade's standard equatorial setup (Wedge), is mostly equipped with CCD luminescence observations in this telescope equipped with filter wheel system OPTEC IFW and Apogee ALTA U47 CCD. The rotation of the telescope, CCD camera and dome is carried out completely under the control of the computer from the observation room downstairs, and remote observation can also be made when the conditions are appropriate (Radiolink connection, auxiliary staff, etc.).

The YT40 Telescope was dismantled in May 2008 to install the T60 telescope.

YT40 - General Features

Model:  Meade LX200GPS
Optical class:  Schmidt-Cassegrain
Mirror diameter:  409,6 mm
Focal length:  4096 mm
Focus ratio:  f/10
Separation power:  0.28"
Focus scale:  50"/mm
Seeker-I:  Meade 8x50 standard binoculars, area 5º
Seeker-II:  Takahashi FS-60C  binoculars, Astrovid
 StellaCamII Video CCD, area 62'x46'
Dome:  ASH-DOME, "R" model
 14'6" (4.42 m) diameter, 120 sec/cycle


YT40 Telescope Handbook:

-> Meade Autostar + Apogee Alta U47

-> MaxIm DL + Apogee Alta U47


Apogee Alta U47 CCD Camera

The ST-8E CCD used in the TUG YT40 telescope was replaced by the Apogee ALTA U47 CCD, a more advanced CCD in March 2007. With this CCD-linked OPTEC IFW strainer replacement system, new filters and fast image download feature, observations have become more efficient on the YT40 telescope.

Permeability curves of Bessell filters --> UBVRI 

Transmittance curves of Broadband color filters --> L, R, G, B 

ALTA U47 CCD technical details --> Click


Apogee ALTA U47 CCD Camera Features

Model:   ALTA U47, wide band, backlit
Chip type:   E2V CCD47-10
Format:   1024 x 1024 pixel
Pixel size:   13 x 13 mikron
Chip size:   13.3 x 13.3 mm (177.2 mm2)
Gain:   1.5 e-/count
Noise (RMS):   11.5 e-
"Bias" level:   1521 (count)
Black current:  0.06 e-/pixel/sn
Well Depth:   100,000 e-
Dynamic Range:   12-Bit (2 MHz) or 16-bit (700 KHz)
Binning:   1x1 - 10x1024
Exposure time:   20 ms - 183 min.
Cooling:   2 stages, TE + Air, up to 55 Cº below the enviroment
PC interface:   USB 2.0
Transfer rate:   2.5 sn (1024 x 1024 pixel)
Pixel Scale:   0.66"/piksel (for YT40)
Image Area:   11.3' x 11.3' (for YT40)
Software:   MaxIm DL/CCD 4.53
Strainer Whell:   OPTEC IFW, 5 slots with 50 mm diameter
Filters:   Bessel UBVRI or LRGB





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