TUG Publications of Previous Years:

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Publications Based on Observations with TUG Telescopes

TUG SCI articles have been constantly kept up to date since 1998. The number of articles published in journals with high impact factors is about 20 or more per year. The number is increasing year by year. It should also be noted that the number of citations that  they recieve is considerably high. Among some published articles contain newly discovered objects. To keep statistics of the articles which give references to TUG telescopes a standard sentence “We thank to TUBITAK for a partial support in using RTT150/T100/T60/ROTSEIIId/YT40/T40 telescope(s) with project number” is searched in literature.


Additionally the following are performed with TUG data:

  • Master's and doctoral dissertations
  • Oral papers and posters
  • Reports on asteroids
  • Telegrams on transient events especially gamma ray bursts
  • Data for international networks (e.g. GAIA)


The following are also done within TUG activities:

  • Annual bulletin of the Observatory is published.
  • A booklet  giving  annual celestial events is published.
  • Brouchers and promotion articles to be given to the visitors are made ready. 
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