Potansiyel Tehlikeli Asteroidlerin Dinamik ve Fiziksel Özelliklerinin Araştırılması (Research on dynamics and physics of potentially hazardous asteroids)

The project is devoted to the research of physical properties and analysis of trajectories of potentially hazardous asteroids (PHA) during their close approach to the Earth. There will be determined or improved the rotational parameters, colors of the bodies, checked their multiplicity using photometric measurements, albedo using polarimetric measurements, advancing absolute magnitude and diameter from the combination of the mentioned data. The astrometric measurements will be combined in one model with the rotational parameters, other physical properties in order to get a realistic model of the motion of PHAs. The study should bring benefit for research of the future trajectories through modeling non-gravitational effects, assessing risks of PHA future collision with the Earth. The calibration imaging data will be used for independent analysis of instrumental astrometric errors for developing special optical distortion masks which can be used in the future for improving astrometry measurements at the RTT150 telescope.
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